Artist Statement

A  piece of art makes a room feel complete, it is the finishing touch!  The painting becomes a window to another place and time transporting the observer and inviting her to stay, explore, dream.

Art is a record of an artist’s impression in that instant. My work is about the feeling one gets while observing an interesting vista in that specific moment. The next moment will be different. Replicating a scene is not my goal, rather creating a painting of a place where the viewer or I would want to be!

As an artist, I am constantly surveying the world around me (I can’t help it) searching for painting motifs.  I am attracted to simple color and shape. I give a lot of thought to brushwork, pen strokes, color and composition.  Varying the line or stroke thickness and direction lends subtle texture. These techniques put movement and interest into a finished piece of art.  My paintings are ready to hang: dated, signed, sealed and delivered. Traditional techniques and rules are important to me, yet one must know the rules before choosing how and when to break them.

Postcards from … is a series of landscapes of meaningful places.  Well-known scenes and popular hometown spots that are perhaps only familiar to locals but could be many places in the USA. A painting tells us as much about the creator as the owner. I hope that viewers are sometimes soothed by my work and other times excited by it.

@2016 Giana painting of Nantucket Ocean Breeze

@2016  painting of Nantucket Ocean Breeze

Please sit back, browse, and I hope you enjoy what you see!